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KE Outdoor Design forms part of BAT group – a company with more than 30 years of experience in shading systems – and is a major player in the awnings and pergolas market.

The made in Italy is a measure of the ultimate quality. All the products here are designed, engineered and created: awnings, pergolas, rollers, custom made systems and sails, for businesses such as bars, restaurants, shops and hotels and for private projects in over 72 countries in the world.

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A wide range of shading systems satisfies the most demanding requirements of designers, architects, upholsterers and outdoor professionals.

The company distinguishes itself in the market for a highly proactive approach: the products are an expression of a unique and original expertise, able to anticipate future trends. It is possible to choose between different models the most suitable option for each setting, until a proper redesign and restyling of the urban environment.

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KE is able to respond to the needs
of the most demanding designers, architects,
doors and windows installers, upholsterers and
outdoor furnishing professionals.

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