WOODN – Bank of America

By 6 September 2019projects, WOODN

Bank of America – WOODN

For the Cerritos headquarters in California, the Bank of America together with the Architects Gensler decided to use the WoodN louver panels for the exterior sunscreens, which panels were pre-assembled in the factory and then installed directly on site.

The choice of an ecologically sustainable material, 100% recyclable, which requires very low energy consumption, and uses wood debris from other processes, which does not contain heavy metals and it is formaldehyde free, was the architects’ predilection for an engineered material with unique properties.

Bank of America
Cerritos, CA (USA)
WOODN Products:
JF15045-25-50×25, TZ9555-R, Color W10 Caffè Bogotà, brushed finishing