WOODN – Barilla Center

By 6 September 2019projects, WOODN

Barilla Center renewed itself

The acquisition by Kryalos SGR, top player real estate consultant in the Italian market of the new multifunctional Barilla Center complex, located in Via Emilia Est in Parma inaugurated in 2003 by architect Renzo Piano, obtained the green light by the Architect Gregg Brodarick of the Studio Solids for the new architectural project. In collaboration with ROS (Retail Outlet Shopping) the complete shopping center management activities were coordinated, from the marketing/ promotion to the retail.

The redevelopment of the mall involved the façades, the gallery, the entrances, the park and the interior design The choice of a Made in Italy product, WoodN, for the facade cladding, with 3D effect obtained by using different louvers profiles of the WoodN Industries collection, for more than 6,500 linear meters.

The same WoodN louver profiles were also used for the indoor cladding, in the construction of the parapets on the upper floor of the mall.

The Gallery – Barilla Center
Via Emilia Est, 7B, 43121 Parma PR
WOODN Products:
3D creation for more than di 6.500 linear meters: WoodN JF6032; JF7040; TZ9555; JF12058; JF4030. W99 Cuba Color, brushed finishing.