WOODN – Porta Volta Home

By 6 September 2019projects, WOODN

Modernism, strength and tradition

The construction of the residential building Porta Volta Home, in the center of Milan, was designed by the architect Gaetano Lisciandra.

The architect wanted to design a modern building without to forget the important architectural tradition of Milan. The architectural choices favor the concepts of solidity and tradition in line with a long-term housing selection: wood, stone, glass and steel merge to create a relationship of continuity between the park and the building.

The architect’s predilection for using the exterior cladding composite wood, in particular the Greenwood Wall to Wall system for about 1200 square meters, concerned the need to use a product suitable for the exterior that represented beauty, solidity, that dimensionally stable.

Porta Volta Home
Via Niccolini, 32, 20154 Milano MI
WOODN Products:
Greenwood Wall to Wall. MIELE, LOFT finishing.