WOODN – Architectural redevelopment in Milano

By 25 February 2020projects, WOODN

Architectural redevelopment in Fulvio Testi Avenue.

We are in Milan (Italy) in Viale Fulvio Testi, at Generali Real Estate S.p.a. who chose to give the task of redeveloping to the prestigious Milanese architecture firm D2U – Design to Users.

The redevelopment forsaw the visual reunification of the two buildings, changing the rigid symmetry and horizontality of the existing building, and replacing the current architectural elements with cutting-edge solutions in terms of aesthetics and efficiency.

One of the main topic of the redevelopment project was the new facade modularity. For a high energy efficiency of the building, the enclosure is integrated with a shading system with vertical louvers in composite wood signed by WoodN for optimal solar control on the prevailing east and west exposures, while the overhang allows protection from direct solar radiation with high sun angles and in particular for southern exposure in the summer months. The JF35068 louver profile, signed WoodN, from the Versatilis line, was created ex-novo based on the architect’s specific design and engineered specifically for this project.

In addition to the sunscreens, WoodN supplied the external cladding of the stairwell, the cladding of the planters and benches using the same profile of the Aeternus line (WoodN DT17029) and the pergolas located on the rooftop of the building with the JF20058 louver profile of the Versatilis line.

Project name:
Fulvio Viale Testi
Testi Avenue, Milan, Italy
Installed products:

  • Frangisole / Louver JF35068, colori/ color W02, W09, W13
  • Decking vano scale / decking stairwell DT17029, colore/ color W09
  • Decking rivestimento fioriere e panchine / decking planters and benches cladding DT17029, colore/ color W09
  • Frangisole per applicazione pergole / Louvers for pergola application JF20058 colore W09