WOODN – Comano thermae

By 2 December 2019projects, WOODN

Grand Hotel Terme di Comano – WOODN.

The ambitious project for Grand Hotel Terme di Comano, in which WoodN Industries Srl, leader in composite wood coatings, took part, required beauty, aesthetics and an eco-friendly choice of materials. Peculiar features of the Greendeck Greenwood line, which inspired the architect Fabrizio Bianchetti, to cover 1,100 square meters of the external surface.

Wood fibre, polymers, ingenuity and creativity are the components of the Greenwood composite wood. A scientific and technological solution against the rapid degradation of wood and the environmental problems deriving from deforestation.

Centro Benessere al Grand Hotel Terme di Comano
Loc. Terme di Comano, 6, 38077 Ponte Arche TN
Greenwood Greendeck system, honey-colored, loft finishing